Sunday, February 19, 2012

I LOVE Photoshop...

I began a relationship with Photoshop a few years ago when I started getting creative with photography.  Since I really didn't know what I was doing behind the camera, I learned how to fix some mistakes on the computer.  It was then that I realized all the wonderful things that you can do in Photoshop and print out at Costco.  (I like Costco because their colors are great and they are cheap!)

I just started messing around with it and over the years (and many Google Help searches later) I have figured a few things out.

You can do just about anything with Photoshop.  I have made business cards and printed them out at wallet-sized photos, thank you cards:
    (Print as a 4x6 and write with a Sharpie on the back.  We did these with a Wedding Photo as a Thank you then too.)
Valentine's Cards: 

     (Print at 8x10 and frame.  Letters can be found here.)
Digital Scrapbook pages (Costco will print these at 12x12 for $2.99 in Colorado):

and latest, Birthday Invitations (of which I will make matching thank you cards after the party)  

I love that you can personalize everything and print out a 4x6 for $0.13.  It doesn't get much better than that.

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