Thursday, December 22, 2011

Clementine Candle

I tried this candle idea that I found on Pinterest and it was a bit easier the first time than I thought it would be. I haven't been able to get the peel off another one correctly since! I thought the candle would have a smell, but it didn't really. It was super cute and burned for a few hours. Make sure you put the candle on a fire resistant surface!

Baseball Bracelets

I found and made this great bracelet on Pinterest. They were super easy to make and I'm going to try it with a softball next. The one piece of advice that I can add to her post is to try to find a genuine leather baseball as you can work the leather to be a bit straighter. The synthetic leather is harder to work to be straight.


Pillow Loungers

I found this idea on Pinterest and I have already made three, with two more being made this afternoon during nap time.

I used a flat sheet from Target- I bought the entire sheet set with the thought that I would turn the fitted sheet into a storage bag and turn the pillow case into a bag. I have done neither of the last two things but will post pictures if I ever get around to making them. I cut the sheet at 84 inches with the first and last sections being 22.25 inches and the middle two at 19.75 inches. Her directions are incredible and the pillow beds are super cute and comfy. I can't wait for Christmas Morning!.

Monday, December 19, 2011


Addicted. That is the only word that I can use to describe my relationship with Pinterest. I used to be addicted to Facebook, but now Pinterest is my one and only (and my husband is jealous).

It has changed my life, well at least my Christmas. Almost everyone is getting a gift that I learned how to make on Pinterest; mostly with crap I already had laying around my house. I'm not going to go as far as claim I'm saving the world, one craft at a time, but I might be thinking it. Plus I'm a cheapskate and I love giving gifts that look like you spent a lot of time and money on them, but didn't really.

If you haven't tried Pinterest, go get a timer and set it for an hour and explore. You will be amazed at how quickly that hour is gone and how many times you reset the timer.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Waffle Maker

What the heck are you supposed to do with a Waffle Maker anyway? I know the most obvious answer is, "Make waffles?" But how often do you use them to make waffles anyhow? We buy the cheap knockoff Eggo's from Costco and call it good. The kids love waffles and I'm not mixing up batter everyday.

I own one, and recently it got placed in the "Garage Sale" pile that I am making in hopes of actually having a sale next summer. A few days later, I pulled the waffle maker out of the pile because my parents (who gave me the maker when they were done with it) are coming for Christmas and are going to use the waffle maker for the one time this year.

Then I remembered watching an episode of Rachel Ray, where they were asking themselves the same question. They came up with the idea of putting refrigerated pizza dough with some spices into the hot maker and making foccia bread. We tried it and it was good. We added some sauce and cheese and put it on the pizza oven (we have too many kitchen gadgets) and it was pretty good. We then promptly forgot about doing that again, until now.

But back to the original question, what else can you do with a waffle maker? Last night, I got to thinking, "What a great way of making French Toast!" We are going to try making French Toast Waffles tomorrow morning and see how the kids like them. I'm thinking I might be able to sneak *some* healthy in under the egg layer and syrup and the kiddos will never know. I will let you know how it goes.

Ok, we made the French Toast Waffles and they were super yummy. We actually made them two days in a row, since we had company for breakfast this morning.

I just took a few eggs and a dash of milk and whisked it together. I dipped the bread in it and threw it into the hot waffle maker until it looked done. It was fabulous.

After telling my mom what my plans for the French Toast Waffles were, she told me that she had seen a show one time that put thawed from frozen, hash brown potatoes that had been pressed between paper towels to remove water, added a dash of olive oil and put them in the hot waffle maker. Yummy, cripsy hash browns in half the time!


I'm starting a blog to share all the crazy things that I create (or find elsewhere) for myself to do, when I should be doing other things I don't feel like doing.  I will also add ideas that I have found that didn't work for me.  It doesn't mean the don't work, they just didn't for me.

I have a house half-full of mostly completed projects, with the hope that someday I might... who knows. Chances are I won't ever finish most of them, but I might as well share the ideas with others. Hopefully this way I can see if my ideas look as cool in real-life as they do in my head.

Lately, due to my crafty ADHD (or as one of my students told me once- The doctor told me I have ACDC!) I have been trying to keep my projects easy and simple so that I can feel that sense of accomplishment, take the picture and post it to FaceBook, and then throw the craft in the closet to give away when I remember what the heck is in that pile!

My newest passion is to reuse or upcycle items that I have laying around. I'm not a hoarder, really I'm not, but I do tend to save a lot of things "I might be able to use" in the future.

Thanks and enjoy!