Saturday, February 18, 2012

Carpet Spot Remover

I came across this post on Pinterest a while ago and have wanted to try it. After the week my carpet has had, I knew it was time.

We heat our house with a pellet stove, while I love our stove I do not love the ash stains that appear around the stove on our white carpet. We have tried EVERYTHING to clean them; I cannot tell you how many hours I have spent scrubbing these stains. I decided to try this and see what would happen.

I took an old spray bottle and put equal parts of lemon-scented ammonia and hot water. I sprayed it very liberally on the carpet, put the towels over top and got to ironing.

HOLY COW! It totally worked. The top of the photo is where I have tried it, and it was the worst part of the carpet. The bottom of the picture is where I still have to clean and iron. The results are amazing.

The smell is strong, so we ventilated very well. But I do think the lemon scent is deodorizing the carpets as well.

I'm excited to try this and see if it works on my husband's work clothes!

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